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23-12-13  T Rex runner game in python and Pygame. Source code is in the description (www.youtube.com)
23-12-13  Console Streaming Server - a DNS+RTMP server to send your console stream to your PC without a capture card (github.com)
23-12-12  4 days side project brings me $1000/year! An android app with AI integration 🚀, for How much money i can sell this? Any idea guys 🤔 (old.reddit.com)
23-12-12  A Tool to Transform Your Side Project Management: Meet Chrono! (www.reddit.com)
23-12-12  Anyone considering moving, what do you think about this idea? (www.reddit.com)
23-12-12  Spliit v2 – Open Source alternative to Splitwise (www.reddit.com)
23-12-12  I am officially sponsored by DigitalOcean! (old.reddit.com)
23-12-12  AI generated lullabies that are read aloud to you and your kids (www.reddit.com)
23-12-11  I made an App that acts as a travel guide in real time ( Yet another travel guide ? ) (www.reddit.com)
23-12-12  Launching on Product Hunt, but no sign ups… what am I doing wrong? (www.reddit.com)
23-12-12  New social calendar app targeting gen z in the App Store 🚀 🚀 (www.reddit.com)
23-12-12  From 0 to +600 free new users in 4 days. Here's how we did it: (old.reddit.com)
23-12-12  We made an open-source, white-label SaaS project to help you start your conversational AI side-business. (www.reddit.com)
23-12-12  I built a tool to help you to reduce your CHRUN and boost your MRR (www.reddit.com)
23-12-11  Do you plan on taking your side project full time in 2024? How? (www.reddit.com)
23-12-11  Finally having success with my side project! After failing 5 projects in 8 years. (www.reddit.com)
23-12-11  Tool recommendation for Facebook marketing anyone? (www.reddit.com)
23-12-11  Odyssey: Connect and run AI models locally without a single line of code (www.reddit.com)
23-12-11  What are your thoughts on a merch/ecom tool for side hustlers with direct factory integration? (www.reddit.com)
23-12-11  Embedded or self-hosted preference page, what would you chose to implement in your product notifications system? (old.reddit.com)
23-12-11  I was happy to launch a Youtube summarizer app but I realized there’s too much competition… (www.reddit.com)
23-12-11  I have created a website that captures the hottest trends each day, to help you build your next product (www.reddit.com)
23-12-11  BIP :: Launched My Demo Environment (A Simpler Kanban Any & Everybody Can Use) (demo.dailytoo.com)
23-12-11  I made an app that gives you a call 📞 if someone attempts to steal your Mac when you step away to order coffee ☕️ (www.reddit.com)
23-12-11  I recently started work on a mobile app that helps people avoid lengthy self-help books and helps you not forget what you learn. Does anyone want it? It's not that good at the moment (www.reddit.com)
23-12-11  Launching The Crunch, a personal finance newsletter [Update #1] (www.reddit.com)
23-12-11  Struggling with Christmas Gifts? I created a free AI Tool to find the perfect gift ideas! (www.reddit.com)
23-12-11  My Solopreneur Journey: 6 lessons from building 6 projects, while nomading for 6 months (www.reddit.com)
23-12-11  I accidentally made $48,000 with my new side project in a week 🤯 (www.reddit.com)
23-12-11  Created a Spotify Wrapped Showcase for Twitter Analytics (www.reddit.com)
23-12-10  We Build a Motion Fitness Tracking App So You Can’t Cheat Your Workouts (www.reddit.com)
23-12-10  NameBrain - AI generated company names with available domains (www.reddit.com)
23-12-10  I am building a Patreon killer, and I just launched the MVP (www.reddit.com)
23-12-10  Seeking Advice: How to Discover Business Pain Points for a B2B Software Solution (www.reddit.com)
23-12-10  Ever wondered how some brands stay in the limelight forever, while others fade into obscurity? (www.reddit.com)
23-12-10  McDonald's Phone Assistant with (Twilio, AssemblyAI, OpenAI, Whisper) (www.reddit.com)
23-12-10  Do I still need TURN to connect different servers inside same VPC using WEBRTC (www.reddit.com)
23-12-10  What email service do you use for your campaigns and how much do you pay? (www.reddit.com)
23-12-10  Deliver Software Projects Faster and More Efficiently (www.reddit.com)
23-12-10  Launched my Social Media website for lonely people living abroad! (www.reddit.com)
23-12-10  Tired of staring at a blank screen? - Say Hi to PromptWizard (www.reddit.com)
23-12-10  My domain lapsed and I had to switch to .net but my side project is live again NFLArrest.net (nflarrest.net)
23-12-10  Just got the pricing page up and running... well, in localhost 🙃 What do you think? (old.reddit.com)
23-12-10  Kanri v0.6 release - custom card colors & rich text card descriptions (www.kanriapp.com)
23-12-10  App to detect songs and watch synchronized music videos (www.reddit.com)
23-12-10  Update on didsomeoneclone.me - a tool to detect and mitigate website clones (www.reddit.com)
23-12-09  How To Make Automatic Commissions...For Life (olspsystem.com)
23-12-09  A loop based music maker for the web that allows you to shape the sound and jam using connected MIDI devices. It's open source too, links in video description. (www.youtube.com)
23-12-09  From Uber to Osenorth: My Journey to a Client-Centric Creative Agency, Now Empowering Entrepreneurs and Indie Hackers to Enhance the Web (www.reddit.com)
23-12-09  Joining the "Boilerplate trend" and adding mine for Chrome Extensions (www.reddit.com)
23-12-09  Chase Trends: Help you find the trending content every day. (www.reddit.com)
23-12-09  I've summarized the successful experiences of entrepreneurs accumulated at each stage of my career in this reading template (old.reddit.com)
23-12-09  i'm thinking about balance. how do we juggle our projects with everything else in life? (www.reddit.com)
23-12-09  It is easy to fall in love, staying in love is the hard part. We build an app to help couples stay in love. (www.reddit.com)
23-12-08  How can I help you get feedback and validate your ideas? (www.reddit.com)
23-12-08  After 5 Failed Attempts, I Finally Launched My Startup: Seeking Guidance for Sustained Success (www.reddit.com)
23-12-08  Made my own Programming Language, Bollywood Style. Check it out! More info in comments! (old.reddit.com)
23-12-08  Show Reddit: Biblos.app - Vector Search the Bible & Church Fathers Commentary (www.reddit.com)
23-12-08  Lineball - small Android connect the dots game (www.reddit.com)
23-12-07  Built a tool to chat with your analytics and get insights directly (twitter.com)
23-12-07  The Ultimate Reward of Side Projects: User Feedback That Validates Your Effort (www.reddit.com)
23-12-07  I made a social media parody for gamers using humor, gaming cliches & more for originality (www.reddit.com)
23-12-07  I just launched an on-demand, audio guide for travel destinations (www.reddit.com)
23-12-07  🚀 Seeking Feedback on LoyalPulse - Simplifying Customer Success (www.reddit.com)
23-12-07  Exploring a New Approach to Fitness Apps with FitBot - Your Thoughts? (old.reddit.com)
23-12-07  OpenAPI DevTools: Chrome extension that generates API specs for any app or website (github.com)
23-12-07  Is ScrollSequence suitable for all types of websites, or is it specific to certain niches? (scrollsequence.com)
23-12-07  🚀 Introducing VoicePro: Drop-in audio conversations for friends & family, hybrid of synchronous calls with async voice messages 🚀 (www.reddit.com)
23-12-07  MarketingHero, a growth marketing agency which helps DTC and Ecommerce brands grow! (www.reddit.com)
23-12-07  Built a free extension that forces you to take eye breaks. (old.reddit.com)
23-12-07  I built a tool to help musicians create a website from their Spotify profile (old.reddit.com)
23-12-07  I built a free LinkTree alternative that detects where a click comes from to instantly switch to the style of your social media profile. (www.reddit.com)
23-12-07  Today is my 27th day of programming. I made a tool for finding my old screenshots (www.reddit.com)
23-12-07  Ideas for features when you can't reach out to your users (www.reddit.com)
23-12-06  Just Launched NeckGo, My Unique Side Project Aimed at Improving Neck Health (www.reddit.com)
23-12-07  Made a service for kids to have an interactive phone call with Santa (www.reddit.com)
23-12-07  When you think of design, what pops into your head? (www.reddit.com)
23-12-06  Sometime keyword research is a fascinating thing when focusing a non-native market. (old.reddit.com)
23-12-07  I've designed a series of Carrd Hero Templates for your next projects. (www.reddit.com)
23-12-07  🧠 WiseWriter.co: Generate Bulk SEO-Optimized Articles from Top SERPs & YouTube! (www.reddit.com)
23-12-06  Google Analytics sucks, so I built a tool that lets you chat with your analytics directly and get insights (www.reddit.com)
23-12-06  albms.net - a micro blogging platform specialised in music reviews (albms.net)
23-12-06  I am making a AI greeting cards maker tool in 24 hour coding challenge (www.reddit.com)
23-12-06  Would love your feedback on the Website builder that I built (www.reddit.com)
23-12-06  I made a "2023 Wrapped for TikTok". Only username required, 100% free (tokchart.com)
23-12-06  I'm out of work, instead of finding a job I created an all-in-one boilerplate for blogging with MDX that comes with premium templates (www.reddit.com)
23-12-06  Some updates on the building of LectureKit (Teams, Video library, API Auth) checkout the video :) (old.reddit.com)
23-12-06  ArchFormation: Visual cloud infrastructure building tool (www.reddit.com)
23-12-06  CharmCheck - Dating Profile Reviewer/Assistant on GPT-Vision (old.reddit.com)
23-12-06  Discover XGenTools.io: A Dynamic Directory for AI Tools & Applications (www.reddit.com)
23-12-06  I made a Figma Plugin that identifies design issues & fixes them instantly! (www.reddit.com)
23-12-05  Launched a Motion Tracking Fitness App In Product Hunt Today - Need Your Support :) (www.reddit.com)
23-12-06  DataAnalyst.com - I launched a niche job board with hand curated data analyst jobs. Here's the summary of how it's going after the 11th month (www.reddit.com)
23-12-06  Hacked on some ChatGPT widgets this weekend to let you quickly do things like clean up your text, check your grammar, or perform language translations (old.reddit.com)
23-12-05  🌟 Transform Your YouTube Videos into SEO Articles Instantly – For Free! (www.reddit.com)
23-12-05  A Look Back on 7 Years of Automating Stuff (jerrynsh.com)
23-12-05  Spellar AI: How NOT to launch your product (www.reddit.com)
23-12-05  Feedback Wanted: How Can We Improve Our AI Product's Landing Page? (www.reddit.com)
23-12-05  We are launching today, and would love some feedback! (www.reddit.com)
23-12-05  How do you announce new features to your users? (www.reddit.com)
23-12-05  A dead simple resume builder that accompanies your career for a lifetime (www.reddit.com)
23-12-05  I got layed off a few months ago and decided to try indie hacking, introducing Smart Summary for YouTube (www.reddit.com)
23-12-05  Ever stopped to wonder why we're so quick to hit the 'buy' button? (www.reddit.com)
23-12-05  what’s your current side project teaching you? (www.reddit.com)
23-12-05  Final Vault - Online Deadman Switch with Notifications (www.reddit.com)
23-12-05  I and 3 Billion others suffer from digital eye strain. I made a free, open-source tool to solve it! [more in comments] (old.reddit.com)
23-12-05  Just launched "Hider" - hide distractions on YouTube and irrelevant search results (old.reddit.com)
23-12-05  Generate open source license for your projects from the terminal, blazing fast⚡ (www.reddit.com)
23-12-05  I built a tool for identifying exact website visitors on your high intent pages (www.reddit.com)
23-12-04  I made a website for people to post ideas without the author being shown to promote creativity (www.reddit.com)
23-12-04  Some Friends and I had our first Hackathon and created a tool for automatic Tabletop RPG Summaries from player notes (www.reddit.com)
23-12-04  We've made Outside, an iOS app that uses AI to give you personalized ideas to help you discover more & plan less wherever you are. (old.reddit.com)
23-12-04  Introducing CartBuddy GPT: The AI-Powered Shopping Assistant for EVERYTHING Amazon (Requires chatGPT+) (old.reddit.com)
23-12-04  Picview (a image viewer on macOS): First Post Process and Data Sharing on Reddit's macapps Community (www.reddit.com)
23-12-04  I am building TikTok for teaching and learning. Or something like that :-) (www.reddit.com)
23-12-04  I built cloud hosted Code Snippet/Notes manager for my team also usable by Individuals (www.reddit.com)
23-12-04  My eBay shopping assistant site finally made some money (www.howmuchperunit.com)
23-12-04  Explore landing pages, pricing, login, blog, features, alternative and many more pages from 100+ websites. Link in first comment. (old.reddit.com)
23-12-04  Introducing Shorts Generator - From Concept to Viral Video in Minutes! (www.reddit.com)
23-12-04  Encouragement for SaaS enthusiasts (www.reddit.com)
23-12-04  wanted to share some insights that have really hit home for me: (www.reddit.com)
23-12-04  How to deal with the feeling that you are not good enough to start (www.reddit.com)
23-12-04  I made a Chrome Extension to easily compare Airbnb rentals before booking. I am getting users but not sure how to monetize it. (www.reddit.com)
23-12-04  Looking for feedback on my newsletter on how successful companies used brand to fuel growth (www.reddit.com)
23-12-04  Introducing MicroSaaS Idea Hub: A Goldmine for Solopreneurs & Indie Hackers (www.reddit.com)
23-12-04  I quit DevOps and made Dokémon - a GUI for managing Docker Containers on Virtual Machines (www.reddit.com)
23-12-03  Luminar - Open Source Feedback Collection and Update Sharing Tool (www.reddit.com)
23-12-03  We made a website to download high-quality curated mobile wallpapers by your favorite creators for free (www.reddit.com)
23-12-03  LIVE ON PRODUCT HUNT ✨ (www.reddit.com)
23-12-03  [One Week Ago] Launched a platform for matching developers with the company’s tech stack and got two paying customers (old.reddit.com)
23-12-03  If you don’t have startup idea and want to be a cofounder. This is how to join a startup be a cofounder on DeveloperScope. (old.reddit.com)
23-12-03  Get concise Audio Summaries of your favorite podcasts. (old.reddit.com)
23-12-03  I made an all-in-one art reference app to streamline collecting art references and reference boarding workflow (www.reddit.com)
23-12-03  How do you balance your side projects with your main career goals? (www.reddit.com)
23-12-03  I'm building CashFox, Shutterstock for AI and Mobile Images. I'm looking for BETA testers. (www.reddit.com)
23-12-03  I made the floppy cafe! A website explaining in gruesome detail how 3.5" floppy drives work behind the scenes. (old.reddit.com)
23-12-03  ShopMigo: Shopping Assistant and Review Aggregator (www.reddit.com)
23-12-03  I'm medical student, and me and my friend who is a developer made this mobile app. It's been almost 2 years since we started and it's finally (mostly) done! 🥳 If there are any med students here, give us a feedback ❣️ You can find the app at medbrane.com (old.reddit.com)
23-12-03  When you think of design, what pops into your head? (www.reddit.com)